In June 2020 we posted ‘For Your Eyes Only’ listing all NINETEEN ‘gold signature’ sets completed during the previous year. For future reference here is a catalogue of the FORTY-FIVE sets completed during the unforgettable lockdowns of 2020 and also where they ended up in the world. Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be a very productive year.


Here they are in no particular order. An asterisk indicates the set is still available at the time of writing, all others can be found in the Archive Gallery. All sets are accompanied by our ‘silver signature’ Certificates of Artistry. For more info on the CoA’s see our January Chessay.

Scarlet Empress*

The Revolutionaries*

Grey Ghosts*

The Serpents (CA, USA)

Deviled Knights (AB, CAN)

The Tzars (NY, USA)

Laughing Knights (Australia)

Halfinger Knights (UT, USA)

Amber Sun (NY, USA)

Eternal Averbakh (Australia)

Young Averbakh (NY, USA)

Village Labourers (India)

The First Russian (ON, CAN)

Averbakh Ilumni (IN, USA)

The Old Guard (Australia)

The Nobs (CA, USA)

Wounded Warriors (Australia)

Toothy Argentinians (CA, USA)

Glassy Eyed (AL, USA)

Golden Brown*

Coffee Time (AB, CAN)

Old School (BC, CAN)

Toro Bravo (NJ, USA)

Tall Riders (CA, USA)

The Eagle’s Brood (India)

Traces of Red (ON, CAN)

Misha’s Favourite (England)

Wolf-Eared Knights (CA, USA)

Fortress of the Hawk (CA, USA)

Botvinnik-Flohr II (CA, USA)

King Philip’s Army (QC, CAN)

Dogs of War (QC, CAN)

Comrade Grauski (NH, USA)

Red Dawn (Ireland)

Isle of Lewis (CA, USA)

High Nobility (NJ, USA)

Valdai Nobles (QC, CAN)

Parisian Knights (QC, CAN)

Old Vienna (WA, USA)

White Warriors (Scotland)

Sofia’s Choice (ON, CAN)

Red October (Slovakia)

The Life of Riley (ON, CAN)

Italian Nobles (MI, USA)

Germanic Charm (AK, USA)


We sincerely hope you’re enjoying your sets and, as always, your chess, too!


All rights reserved: Alan W. Power (The Chess Schach), Feb. 2022

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