Hello & Welcome to the Chess Schach!

Here at the ‘Schach’ you will find an eclectic selection of artistically restored vintage chess sets. These come in all shapes and sizes and each set is a unique work of art unto itself and should be regarded as such.

If you seek perfection in size and form, I advise you to look elsewhere. In many cases these old and battered chessmen were the lost souls, the misfits and mercenaries of the smoke-laden gaming-houses of empires past, whose paths haphazardly collided and intertwined over the tumultuous and innovative years of the last century.

As a chess-artisan, I am merely the ferryman of lives lived and lives yet to be lived …

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About The Chess Schach

Alan Power

Meet the Artist
Alan is the co-owner of TINT CUSTOM FINISHES (est. 1998), a Toronto based company specializing in speciality paint, wood and polished plaster finishes. Recent projects have included Hermes (Toronto, NY), Louis Vuitton (Toronto, Miami, San Paulo, Cancun), OVO, (Toronto), Versace (Toronto, Vancouver, Miami) and numerous high-end residences in and around Toronto. He is also a qualified applicator for the North American branch of ARMOURCOAT UK, a world leader in polished plaster and innovative surface finishes. He was born in London, England in 1967 and moved to Canada in 1997 where he now happily resides.

Angie Power

Meet the Administrator 

Angie is a partner at Route 504 PR, based out of Toronto. Well-respected within the entertainment industry, Angie is a seasoned communications and marketing professional who has been ‘bumping elbows’ with music, sport and film celebrities (the ‘talent,’ as she fondly calls them) for over twenty years. A frequent contributor to industry panels and film juries, she also devotes much of her time to mentoring the next generation of publicity professionals. When Angie isn’t gallivanting around the globe organizing film festivals and red carpet events, she has kindly agreed to oversee the time-consuming (and somewhat tedious) administrative duties of THE CHESS SCHACH, which her more ‘artistically minded’ husband is extremely thankful for (believe me!).

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What People are Saying

“Beautifully restored chess sets and commentary with attitude!”
Chuck Grau
“Wow, what a beautiful set! Alan’s work is just outstanding. All of the pieces are wonderful, but the knights are just incredible.”
Alex A.
US collector
“You have a nice business there. I hope it is successful.”
GM Daniel King

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