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Svelte Army (Gracilis Militae); 32 Weighted Tournament Chess Pieces without board, Soviet, wood, white vs. black, artistically restored, c.1940
Height: King 10.3cm, weight 23g, base width 3.5cm; Queen 9.3cm wt 21g, Bishop 7cm 20g, Knight 7.6cm 25g, Rook 5cm 15g, Pawns 5.3cm 15g.
W: black felt bases; B: same

A particularly fine and rare example of post-tzarist era chessmen that were manufactured during the years leading up to WWII. This slender, yet solid pattern is quite unique amongst sets produced during the Stalin years, which I’ve described in the past as Art Deco meets Soviet Staunton with a modernist twist. A later, much more simplified example of this pattern from Belarus (Pterodactyl Knights) can be seen in our Archive Gallery (page 9). I’ve also come across very similar Artel ‘Kultsport’ sets from the Moscow region dated to 1936.


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