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Rufus et Albus (The Reds and The Whites); 32 naturally weighted Soviet Grandmaster 4 chessmen without board. Soviet, wood, white vs. red, artistically reimagined, antiqued, Cold War Era, c.1975-1985.

Height: King 10.5cm, weight 25g, base diameter 3.8cm; Queen 9.5cm wt 25g; Bishop 7.6cm 18g; Knight 6.2cm 18g; Rook 6.4cm 15g; Pawn 5cm 9g.

W: Lush Prussian blue felt pads, B: same

One of the last patterns of the Soviet Grandmaster series of chessmen which featured heavily in Soviet chess tournaments leading up to the collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1991. The name of the set reflects the Russian Civil War of 1918-22 when the communist ‘Reds’ battled the anticommunist White Army backed by Europe and America, and as we know, the more organized faction won the day leading to almost seven decades of cruel and oppressive Soviet rule – but perhaps you can change this blot in the history books by toppling the Reds with the White Army yourself!?

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