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**addendum … it is February 2021 and I have taken control of the SET OF THE MONTH (insert evil laugh here!). It was my idea, after all. My selections may not be based on the eye of an artist or the brain of a chess nerd, but I’m looking forward to choosing a new one every month from the heart. This time, it’s personal. Hope you like them! – Angie

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The Champions (Los Campeones); 32 championship/club chess pieces without board in original box, ‘seamless’ carbolite, heavily weighted, caramel vs. deep burgundy, artistically reimagined and antiqued, hand-painted, Argentina, c.1965
Height: King 93mm, weight 50g, base diameter 30mm; Queen 80mm wt. 55g, Bishop 73mm 33g, Knight 65mm 33g, Rook 56mm 37g, Pawns 50mm 18g.
W: Lush burgundy felt pads; B: same

I’ve always loved the beefy design of these handsome Argentinian tournament pieces and finally found a set that I could play with, as the light side had become stained somehow with a blue substance (probably ink) – an unfortunate accident for some chess enthusiast, but very fortunate for me.

The original pieces were cast in carbolite (a hardier form of bakelite) in traditional white vs. black which were hollow and lightly weighted with discs. Over the years these weights had become loose and rattled around inside of the pieces, so these were removed entirely and replaced with lead caulking, filling the entire cavity to give the pieces a very solid feel over the board and eliminating the ‘plasticky’ clacking sound of hollow pieces.

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