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The Class of ‘36 (Genus XXXVI); 32 vintage chess pieces without board, German, natural wood vs antiqued black, birch and maple wood, weighted, artistically-recreated, c.1935-1950
Height: King 8.8cm, weight 30g, base width 3.3cm; Queen 7.5cm, wt. 20g; Bishop 6.5cm 12g, Knight 6cm 10g, Rook 4.8cm 12g, Pawns 4cm 8g.
W: Lush crimson felt pads; B: same.
A well-balanced, minimalist chess set designed in the functional Bauhaus style specifically for the Munich Chess Olympiad of 1936. For me, the bullet-shaped bishops totally steal the show in this early “Deutsche Bundesform” pattern, as they are literally designed for battle. Indeed, it’s rare to find one of these sets with any damage at all, as the perfunctory ringed collars are virtually bomb-proof! 

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