A few enquires have been made of late as to how many of our sets carry the iridescent gold ‘power’ signature on the base of the kings distinguishing the body of work completed in 2019 (as opposed to the iridescent ‘silver’ signature of 2020). Quite by chance, the answer to that question is nineteen! Some things just work out perfectly all by themselves…
Here they are in no particular order;

1. Veteranis Militibus (Weathered Warriors)
2. Equos Vinylium Rapidusque (Of Swift Resin Steeds)
3. Capuccinus Domus Osterrium (Of Austrian Coffee Houses)*
4. Bakii Primus (Baku I)*
5. Legionem Sanguis (The Red Army)*
6. Militibus ex Antiquis Ruthenorum (Old Russian Warriors)*
7. Puritani (Roundheads)
8. Et Sanguis Baronem (The Red Baron)*
9. Averbakii Aeternum (Eternal Averbakh)*
10. Bellum Equus Cranium (Skelator Knights)
11. Ferrum Caballinus (Iron Horse)
12. Legionem Michaelis (Misha’s Army)*
13. Aurum Osterrium (Austrian Gold)*
14. Milites Pterodactylus (Pterodactyl Knights)
15. Unicornis Tidae (Little Rhinos)*
16. Magna Dominus (Grandmaster)*
17. Alekhine Memorae (Remembering Alekhine)
18. Sanctus et Peccatorum (Saints and Sinners)
19. Secumbdum Bakii (Baku II)*

All the above sets can either be viewed in the main GALLERY or on our brand new ARCHIVE GALLERY page.

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